domingo, 6 de enero de 2013

I'll wait...I'll wait an eternity to find u again...

Lo he buscado...
he abierto el corazón de las alondras
he puesto siete soles
siete lámparas
siete fuegos prohibidos a las brasas
Y aun persiste la brisa que congela
del mar la opacidad
su silencio cortante bajo el faro incisivo...
Podrían caber en mi todos los vuelos
convendría sin pavor a obscenos ritos
pero no alcanzo a contener la sangre
que mana de la herida
vuelvo a poner al mar sus siete soles
sus siete ojos dormidos
sus cánticos sin barca
Mi voz que rompe...


Thank You... for the hope...Stephen...

Let Me Cry...

So stay with me....and let me cry for both of us... because some kind of wonder brought me to u... and i crashed again against your chest... Let me cry my sweet heart let me cry in the night when none can listen...let me cry in the dark where no one sees...let me cry endlessly for both of us...knowing that my tears will fill the ocean of sweetness where we both will sumerge... Let me cry my love...just let me cry for both of us...

Hilda Doolittle Reads From "Helen in Egypt"

I guess much silence is needed after such beauty
"Let me remember...Let me remember forever...This star in the night.."
I discovered her poems, 30 years ago - Immediately fell in love
-I am still under her spell...
 What else could I say...I am still with Helen...

....I'm lost under the star..

The Hilda

No, i don’t pretend, in a way to understand,
Nor know you
Nor even see you;
I say, 
“I don’t grasp his philosophy,
And I don’t understand,”
But I put out a hand, touch a cold door,
(We have both come from so far)
I touch something imperishable;
I think,
Why should he stay there?
Why should he guard a shrine so alone,
So apart,
In a path that leads nowhere?
He is keeping a candle burning in a shrine
Where nobody comes,
There must be some mystery
In the air
About him.
He couldn’t live alone in the desert,
Without vision to comfort him,
There must be voices somewhere…
-The Poet- by H.D.